Catera Field Spaniels



Catera Field Spaniels is located in the beautiful northern Alabama town of Madison. I have been involved in Field Spaniels since 1993 but my love and passion for dogs started with the first dogs in my life -cocker spaniels- in fact my family’s first cocker was just a few months older than me. In 1985 after moving back to Alabama from Germany (my father was in the military) my family welcomed a cocker named Muffin into the family. When mother decided to take Muffin to obedience class I went with her to watch the dog training. Almost immediately I was “hooked” on obedience training.  Soon I received the surprise of a lifetime with getting my own cocker named Montie. My cockers were there with me for so many firsts and so many valuable life lessons. I owe so much to those wonderful cockers that taught me so much!   


As much as I loved my cocker spaniels I wanted a breed that I could show in conformation and obedience easily. I saw a photo of a Field Spaniel in a dog breed book and fell in love. Since acquiring my first Field Spaniel Mallorie, I have never regretted my choice. Over the years I have had the pleasure of breeding, showing and training Field Spaniels.


Field Spaniels Co-bred with Breeder Karen Balinski at Killara Field Spaniels


Catera's Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me "Norah"
Catera's A Piece Of My Heart "Lucy"
Catera's I'm Yours "Riker"
Catera's I Believe in Miracles "Molly"
Catera's Piece Of My Heart "Lucy"
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